Personal de Investigación

Pedro Macías Gordaliza

Macías Gordaliza


Pedro M. Gordaliza is a Telecommunications engineer specialized in DSP from the Carlos III University.
Currently, he is part of the BiiG group after working in the Telecommunications sector in Spain and in the UK. At present, he is involved in several projects related to image and signal processing and machine learning.


Radiological Image. DICOM module. I.E.S. Escuela Técnico Profesional de la Salud de la Comunidad de Madrid. Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón

Selected Publications

P. M. Gordaliza; J. M. Mateos-Pérez; P. Montesinos; J. Guzmán-de-Villoria; M. Desco; J.J. Vaquero. Development and validation of an open source quantification tool for DSC-MRI studies. Computers in Biology and Medicine. 58, pp. 56 - 62. ELSEVIER,16/01/2015.


Title of the work: Implementación y validación de una herramienta de código abierto para cuantificación de estudios DSC-MRI. CASEIB 2014. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. 27/11/2014