Neural Cell Biology and Optical Tissue Clearing

Persona de contacto: Dra. María Victoria Gómez Gaviro

This line of research is focused on the cellular mechanisms of disease, mainly on the regulation of neural stem cells (NSC), neurogenesis and the neural stem cell niche. We are interested in the paracrine regulation of NSC behavior and, specifically, in vascular trophic factors, such as betacellulin, that can induce NSC proliferation and neurogenesis.
We are using these scientific advances to explore new therapies for the treatment of stroke, which is a  leading cause of death and disability worldwide. We have established the surgical MCAo model (middle cerebral artery occlusion) in rat and mouse, which mimics the human ischemic stroke. The complete repertoire of non-invasive imaging techniques available in our lab, such as MRI and PET, enables the  study of the effect of different treatments including drugs, cells or growth factors on the damaged brain in vivo.

We have set up and optimized in our lab new technologies for 3D visualization of specific proteins in tissues. Tissue clearing techniques combined with light sheet microscopy enables 3D imaging of different organs and tissues. CUBIC (Clear, Unobstructed Brain/Body Imaging Cocktails and Computational analysis) is a novel technique to make organs and tissues transparent. We have set this technology up in our lab and it is now being applied to different organs (brain, heart, lung, intestine, etc.) from different animal species (mouse, chicken embryo, fly). Human samples have been cleared in our lab and stained with this technology to obtain a 3D imagine that is impossible to get with standard technology.

This method is compatible with immunohistochemistry and endogenous proteins in whole organs and large pieces of tissue.

With this technology we can visualize neurons in a whole brain, neuronal processes and connections, heart microvasculture and other cell types and we can carry out morphometric studies.

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