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Dr. Javier Pascau González-Garzón

Dr. Javier Pascau


Javier Pascau received his PhD from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2006, and is currently a visiting professor at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. His research interests cover areas like medical image processing, analysis, quantification and multimodal registration, both in preclinical and clinical environments. He is now leading several projects on image guided therapy, collaborating with research institutions, hospitals and commercial companies. His scientific achievements include more than 40 Journal indexed papers, and H-index of 16 and participation in more than 25 research projects, being principal investigator in 5 of them.


 Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid:
● Medical Image Processing. 2012 – 2015 (course coordinator)
● Advanced Topics on Medical Imaging. 2013 – 2015 (course coordinator)
● Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 2010 – 2015
● Medical Image Instrumentation and Devices 2013 – 2015

Selected Publications

● M Luisa Soto-Montenegro, J Pascau, M Desco. Response to Deep Brain Stimulation in the Lateral Hypothalamic Area in a Rat Model of Obesity: In Vivo Assessment of Brain Glucose Metabolism. Molecular Imaging and Biology, 16(6): 830-837, 2014
● L Fernandez-de-Manuel, G Wollny, J Kybic, D Jimenez-Carretero, JM Tellado, E Ramon, M Desco, A Santos, J Pascau, MJ Ledesma-Carbayo. Organ-focused mutual information for nonrigid multimodal registration of liver CT and Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI. Medical Image Analysis, 18(1): 22-35, 2014
● CV Sole, FA Calvo, C Ferrer, J Pascau, H Marsiglia. Bibliometrics of intraoperative radiotherapy Analysis of technology, practice and publication tendencies. Strahlentherapie Und Onkologie, 190(12): 1111-1116, 2014
● V Garcia-Vazquez, E Marinetto, JA Santos-Miranda, FA Calvo, M Desco, J Pascau. Feasibility of integrating a multi-camera optical tracking system in intra-operative electron radiation therapy scenarios. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 58(24): 8769-8782, 2013
● J Pascau, JJ Vaquero, J Chamorro-Servent, A Rodriguez-Ruano, M Desco. A method for small-animal PET/CT alignment calibration. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 57(12): N199-N207, 2012
● J Pascau, JA Santos Miranda, FA Calvo, A Bouche, V Morillo, C Gonzalez-San Segundo, C Ferrer, J Lopez Tarjuelo, M Desco. An Innovative Tool for Intraoperative Electron Beam Radiotherapy Simulation and Planning: Description and Initial Evaluation by Radiation Oncologists. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, 83(2): E287-E295, 2012
● J Pascau, JD Gispert, M Michaelides, PK Thanos, ND Volkow, JJ Vaquero, ML Soto-Montenegro, M Desco. Automated Method for Small-Animal PET Image Registration with Intrinsic Validation. Molecular Imaging and Biology, 11(2): 107-113, 2009
● J Pascau, JM Mateos-Pérez. Image Processing with ImageJ. Packt Publishing. Sept 2013. ISBN 978-1-78328-395-8


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